Thriving Mindset
Leadership Training

Building resilient leaders through strength based practice

Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) was evolved in response to the need for professional development that goes beyond skills enhancement and guides participants on a journey that engages their natural, internal drives, identifies and expands their mindset and builds upon their existing strengths to reach their full potential. The ultimate object is to develop an organization of high-performing individuals and teams who realize their potential.

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Questionnaire & Assessment

The TML Mindset Questionnaire measures human resilience and competency as a means of understanding and expanding each participant’s mindset. It is based on the psychometrically established Resiliency: Assessing Developmental Strengths questionnaire.

Participants are provided an individual profile that they bring to the course and reflect on throughout the day. Individual results are confidential, and participants are not required to disclose any personal information they do not want to share during the course.

The Results:

  • A deeper understanding of your personnel leadership style.
  • Understanding the neuroscience of influencing, engaging and leading others.

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The TML Model is a strengths-based approach to influencing others to explore and realize their potential effectiveness in a way they feel valued, meaningfully engaged and empowered.