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We provide individuals and corporations the tools and research methods to develop a greater connection to developing the human brilliance.

Through the work and research of over 30 years of neuroscience in human behaviour and development, Meritcore has developed tools centered on the experience for effective human behaviour and performance.  Our research and measured and proven the capacity for human connection and learning can evolve and grow people using the proper methods and approach for tools to better engage and connect to their world.

What we do


Thriving Mindset Leadership

Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) has been identified as the most influential breakthrough in organizational culture development, success focused leadership and individual development since Emotional Intelligence.

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Onboard Education delivers tools, resources and guidance to measure and build resilience and character traits students need to succeed. We facilitate a process of engaging staff and students that evolves school culture from the inside out.

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Meritcore Resiliency Research Institute

Meritcore Resiliency Institute is a foundational, not for profit, research and development “laboratory” that tests and validates the exceptional products we deliver.

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