Meritcore’s mission is to facilitate transformative growth for organizations, corporations, and individuals with a strengths-based approach where potential and competency are identified and nurtured toward greater self- expectation and improved performance, realizing full potential.

Meritcore’s Strengths-Based Resiliency products are founded on 25 years of research and development that has been scientifically proven with hundreds of thousands of participants. Meritcore builds on this groundbreaking work by continuing to develop new products.

OUr Team

Terrance Royer

Chairman and CO-CEO

Terry has been an educator and business executive for 40 years. Initially an educator at the post-secondary level, he continued in various leadership and philanthropic roles as part of a lifelong commitment to improving lives through education, receiving regional and national recognition for his work.

Currently, Terry is the executive chairman and co-CEO of Meritcore. Past roles include chairman of Me in a Tree Technologies Ltd.; chairman of Royco Ltd.; past vice-chairman of Royal Host REIT (TSX listed); past COO of Chartwell Leisure (NASDAQ Listed); past president of Royal Host Management; and co-founder, past president, and CEO of Relax Hotels and Resorts. Terry sits on or has sat on numerous public company, private company, and not-for-profit boards.

Wayne Hammond

Co-CEO and CSO

Wayne is the co-CEO and CSO of Meritcore. He holds an adjunct status with the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Over the past 20 years, Wayne has worked in corporate, education, community, and treatment settings. He has also published several scientific articles and is an active lecturer who is sought out across Canada and the U.S.

Wayne holds the belief that all people have the ability to realize their greatest potential, and they can draw upon their inborn internal and external strengths to successfully navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

Rob Zimmerman

Director of Operations

Karl Feltmate

Business Development & Community Director

Eva Macyszyn

Director of Customer Support

David Royer

Director of Product Design

OUr History

Founded in 2014, Meritcore is led by a group of people who believe that it is important to help others realize their full potential.

To bring strengths-based resiliency to the world, we bought several companies, including Resiliency Initiatives, which was founded and developed by Dr. Wayne Hammond.

The foundation of our products is the work Dr. Hammond has developed on strengths-based resiliency. This work has been tested in organizations, community settings, and schools for over 25 years. Dr. Hammond’s proven research continues to be the foundation of Meritcore’s product development. The work has had an incredible impact on hundreds of thousands of people and numerous organizations.

Our goal is to bring this work to the world through online delivery systems and partnerships. We continue to develop transformational products that result in strengths-based resiliency.

Onboard Education is a tool that offers strengths-based resiliency to schools around the world.

Springboard Parenting and Me In A Tree deliver strengths-based resiliency to families.

Most recently, the Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) model was developed with the Blanchard Institute, part of Ken and Margie Blanchard’s legacy. TML uses “Actionable Intelligence” and “Predictive Intelligence” for leadership and organizational cultural development. The model allows for measuring and developing strengths-based resiliency in both individuals and the organization.

Meritcore continues to develop new opportunities to help everyone realize their full potential.